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Dec 22, 2006 at 09:55pm IST

All the right moves for teen Tania

New Delhi: Chess was introduced as a medal sport for the first time at the Doha Asian Games and India ended up clinching two golds.

The future of the game looks to be in good hands with the likes of national champion Tania Sachdev showing the quality to carry on the good work.

"I'm a typical Delhi teenager," says Tania Sachdev.

Yes, she is, for someone who loves to shop, hang-out with friends, and also dance. But there's more grey matter to that face you see. Twelve years into the world of chess, Tania Sachdev is a pro for all you like. But for the 20-yr-old, "My graduation ends this year in April, so I can concentrate completely on my game. More and more hardwork for now," Tania adds.

From winning her first International title at the age of eight, this student of English Literature has managed to maintain a steady career curve all the while balancing her academics too. And she's been lucky enough to have got support from the people who matter.

Dr Reddy, Principal of Sri Venkateshwara College, says: "When we called for sponsorships, I think it wasn't us. It's all what she has been doing and and she deserves possibly much more."

And certainly, she isn't going to just rest on her laurels.

"I know my strengths and weaknesses. So, I will be working with my coaches on improving my weaknesses and strengthening my strong points" Tania says.

And she's targetted her tougher opponents too.

"I was leading in the first 10 rounds, but I lost the next two to a Chinese. So I'm not fond of that person," Tania adds.

And not to forget, she knows the immense potential the game has in India.

"In Doha this time, the chess team had only three people and they brought us two golds," Tania says.

At at time when the nation is searching for new sporting heroes, guess she'll surely make the right moves to be one of them.