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Jan 19, 2013 at 12:22pm IST

Ambala: Passengers watch as bus conductor gets stabbed for taking on molesters

Ambala: The brutal gangrape of a 23-year-old para-medical student in Delhi in December 2012 was perhaps one of the worst examples of public apathy. In another unfortunate incident in Ambala, the passengers in a bus stood watching when the conductor was stabbed for taking on molesters.

For days, the nation protested on roads after the gangrape on a bus in Delhi. But in Ambala, a hero, who might have averted a repeat of what happened in Delhi got no help when he needed it most. Sultan Singh, a state roadways conductor, who was not on duty, stopped a group of four youngsters when they harassed a woman on a bus.

The molesters stabbed Singh, but no one in the crowded bus stepped forward when slumped bleeding. He got down at the next stop to get medical help, while the molesters continued their journey.

"I tried to prevent the men from harassing the girl and they started beating me. No one in the bus came to my help, I had to save my life," Singh said.

The police station was barely 150 metres away, but no one informed the law. Now after Sultan Singh's complaint, the police say they have identified three of the four suspects. Ashok Kumar, DCP, Haryana Police, Ambala, said, "We have launched an investigation, three of the accused have been identified."

Sultan Singh said his message is simple. Symbolic action is important, but societal efforts and the need to step forward to curb a wrong can help make the country a safer place for women.

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