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Sep 22, 2012 at 01:07pm IST

'Americanisation' of Indian laws should be avoided, says CJI

New Delhi: Pointing out that the biggest challenge the country faces is to get inclusive growth, Chief Justice of India SH Kapadia on Saturday said the government's focus should be to promote policies which generate employment.

The CJI said that 10 million jobs need to be created in the country annually. "If growth goes down, unemployment will increase and at that point investment is important," he said in his address at the Conference on Economic Growth in Asia and Changes of Corporate Environment.

Appreciating Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Friday address to the nation, Kapadia said, "I am happy that yesterday the PM brought out the dooms day. These steps are important for tomorrow's India."

'Americanisation of Indian laws should be avoided'

SH Kapadia said the government should focus on policies that create employment so that India sees inclusive growth.

The CJI also emphasised that political democracy was incomplete without economic democracy. "Today we need economic democracy that refers to inclusive growth," he said.

Talking about the reforms measures proposed by the government, Kapadia said that laws should not only protect the foreign investors but also consumers and farmers. "The government has difficult choices to make but Americanisation of laws in India should be avoided," he said.

The CJI said that as today’s youth is restless, it is important to ensure its future.

He also took on the corrupt politicians and said, "Leaders should know that without the rule of law, well connected leaders can grab an unfair share which will affect the intrusive growth."

The conference was organised by the Law Institute of India at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi.

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