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Feb 22, 2013 at 04:45pm IST

Andhra CM takes responsibility for Hyderabad blasts, ensures to catch culprits at the earliest

Hyderabad: A day after two blasts in Hyderabad killed 16 people and injured 117 others, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy on Friday took the responsibility of the attack, conceding that the state police was caught off guard.

Referring to the alert issued by the Union Home Ministry recently with regard to a possible terror attack, the Chief Minister said that the intelligence information was sent on February 16, and was sent to all the states. He further asserted that whenever such alerts come from the Central government, the police take cognisance of it and act.

Speaking to CNN-IBN, Kiran Kumar Reddy said that according to him, the terrorists have a game plan to disturb the peace and harmony of people of Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh. He further assured that the government and the police were seriously doing their job of trying to prevent such acts.

"There are any instances were such attacks were prevented but they do not come in the view of public of media. When such attacks take place it comes to notice. We will deal with this barbaric act firmly and we will leave no stone unturned to see that the culprits are booked as soon possible," said the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister.

Backing the police department of his state, Reddy said, "We have the best police in the country and we are a role model for all new inventions and new techniques as far as police is concerned." He, however, added, "Yes this time they were taken off guard and it is an unfortunate incidence, but we will do our best to see that culprits are booked."

He further assured the people of his state that there was no reason to worry as the government would be firm in dealing with the culprits, requesting cooperation of all political parties and groups as far as such acts are concerned.