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Nov 06, 2007 at 07:22pm IST

Anil Ambani's 'iBox' gaffe amuses Microsoft CEO

Well, he may be the emerging power in the Indian media landscape and, with Zapak.com, technically the country's online gaming baron as well.

But Anil Ambani's 'noob' gamer status was more or less cemented with a slight gaffe at the launch of Reliance IPTV in the presence of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in Mumbai on Monday.

The junior Ambani was referring to Microsoft's gaming console and mistakenly referred to it as the 'iBox'. However, the Chairman of ADAG, quickly recovered and managed to elicit a roar of laughter from the Microsoft CEO, who happens to be his older brother's former classmate.

OH, THAT BAD SLIP! Junior Ambani's 'iBox' gaffe at IPTV launch cements his 'noob' gamer status.

We wonder if a certain Mr Jobs would have been delighted to see the persistence of his 'i' prefix in the mind of the public, and hey – maybe even got an idea for a future console?

Check out the video here. Or click on the box below...

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