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Oct 21, 2012 at 10:26pm IST

Anna aide Annie Kohli a part of conspiracy against me: Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: On Sunday, anti-corruption crusader Arvind Kejriwal got a taste of his own medicine. As he called yet another press conference on corruption, he was waylaid by his former colleagues in Team Anna. After a barrage of questions from one of them, Annie Kohli, Kejriwal beat a hasty retreat, only to come out later and rubbish her questions.

Kohli and her team protested outside Kejriwal's office, and there were even posters put up against him. Ironically, Kejriwal came under fire at a dramatic press conference he had called to protest alleged police excesses against his team mates. He paraded IAC activists who were injured in the clash with the police, while they were picketing Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda's house.

Earlier in the day, Kejriwal had swooped into the Ram Manohar Lohia hospital where the injured were taken. There, he engaged in a war of words with the police, telling them bluntly that he didn't trust them as they worked for Vadra. Kejriwal then whisked away the injured without even waiting for them to get treatment.

This is not the first time that Arvind Kejriwal has had to face allegations from team members who are disenchanted and disillusioned with him. On sunday, however, the drama unfolded right in front of cameras as Kejriwal walked out of his office to take Annie Kohli's questions.

However, one important point did get lost in the drama. Kejriwal completely refused to engage with Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh in a debate. He merely said that Digvijaya's statement that the Congress would never make public the evidence that it has of illegal deals by the foster son-in-law of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the daughter of senior BJP leader LK Advani, proved that the Congress and the BJP were in collusion. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Kejriwal and his team have now called the confrontation with his former colleagues on Sunday a conspiracy hatched against them.

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