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Nov 10, 2012 at 06:42pm IST

Anna announces new team, says Jan Andolan is the new goal

New Delhi: Launching his new team, anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare on Saturday gave a call for Jan Andolan. "Our goal is not Jan Lokpal alone. There has to be a Jan Andolan, a mass movement. We will try and bring together many people's movements," said activist Medha Patkar, who along with Kiran Bedi, shared the stage with Anna.

Reading out from a list, Kiran Bedi said that Akhil Gogoi, Akshay Patra, Rakesh Rafiq, Viswambar Choudhury were part of the new team that has a 13-member core group. She said that Jan Lokpal bill was not the solution to the ills facing the country. "It is a solution, a major solution, but we need a mass movement," she said.

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Launching his tirade against the government, Anna said that it had the option to either bring in the Jan Lokpal Bill before 2014 or face defeat in elections. "I will campaign throughout the country and try to waken up the conscience of the people. I will try to bring in a change. Have you seen our farmers? They are dying. And what is the government doing? It is inviting foreign companies to exploit them further. I will exhort these people to rise. What right does the government have to take away their lands?" he asked.

Anna said that the new team will inaugurate their new office in Delhi on Sunday.

Will campaign for Kejriwal: Anna

Responding to a query, Anna said that he would campaign for Kejriwal if the latter contested elections. "I will campaign for him if he fights elections."

Anna, however, dispelled rumours that retired Army chief General VK Singh was a part of the core group. "The central committee will meet and decide whether VK Singh will be part of the committee. He has been invited. He is exepcetd to meet us this evening," he said.

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