Apr 07, 2007 at 05:30pm IST

BJP CD producer receives threats

New Delhi: The controversy over the alleged BJP CD that contains derogatory references to Muslims is only getting murkier.

The producer-director of the twin-CD pack titled UP Victimised on Saturday alleged that he had been receiving anonymous threats asking him to "own up" making it.

"I have been receiving threats that unless I own up the entire responsibility of making the CD, I may have to face serious consequences," PTI quoted Chaudhary Virendra Singh as saying.

IN A SOUP: The EC filed an FIR against Lalji Tandon and BJP president Rajnath Singh.

Singh and the script-writer of the CD, Pravesh Gujjar, claimed that they had received threats from Lucknow and Delhi.

They also claimed the BJP had provided them materials to produce the CD. "We are professionals and have nothing do with politics. We did the job and handed over the CD to state BJP cultural cell president Alpana Talwar against the mutually agreed payment," PTI further quoted Singh as saying.

They claimed that the CD had been prepared from excerpts of footage provided by the BJP. "If at all someone is to be made accountable for the CD, it is the BJP leaders and not small fry like us," Singh added.

The BJP, on its part, is maintaining a safe distance from the controversy. While rubbishing allegations that its office-bearers were in any way involved in issuing threats to Singh, BJP media in-charge N R Rana asked the Government to investigate the matter thoroughly.

BJP plays safe
The party, after apologising for releasing the CD — that contained objectionable statements against Muslims and showed images of the Babri Masjid’s demolition and the post-Godhra riots in Gujarat — issued the statement clarifying how and why the CD was released.

Notably, all these developments come after CNN-IBN's sister network IBN 7 aired the story highlighting the contents of the CD.

In the three-point statement, the party has clarified that:

  • This was not the official party CD and the BJP had no intention of using it for political campaigning in Uttar Pradesh.
  • People who were associated with the production and distribution of CD were relatively new entrants in party. As soon as the top brass came to know about the contents of the CD, it was withdrawn and the concerned people were suspended.
  • The statements from parties BSP, SP and even Congress are being made to gain political capital out of the issue.

Seedy matters
The EC on Thursday issued notices to many BJP leaders involved in the release and circulation of the pack under Representation of People's Act.

Sources within the EC also said that the Commission also filed FIRs against those involved in the production, release and circulation of the CD for electoral offences the same act.

The Commission also asked the BJP to explain why it should not be derecognised. The CD was brought out by the state unit in Lucknow apparently as part of saffron party's high-pitched Hindutva campaign for the Assembly elections.

As reported first by IBN-7, the contents of the CDs are “highly critical” of Muslims. After the report was aired IBN-7 on Wednesday, EC swung into action and forced BJP to withdraw the CD.

Later, the EC filed an FIR against senior party leader Lalji Tandon and BJP president Rajnath Singh.