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Jan 15, 2012 at 09:02am IST

Another shocker from Rajasthan, second rat attack in hospital

New Delhi: Clearly no lessons have been learnt in Rajasthan as rats were found attacking a woman's corpse in govt-run morgue in Beawar. Yet another shocker from a Rajasthan hospital days after CNN-IBN reported that paralytic stroke patient Mohd Iqbal was nibbled at by rats in the ICU of Jodhpur's MDM hospital. This time it's the body of 25-year-old Janta Devi that's been attacked by rodents in the mortuary of Beawar's Amrit Kaur Hospital. Janta's body was scheduled for an autopsy, but to her family's horror rats had bitten her ear and eye in the morgue.

Jai Singh, Janta's relative, says, "We pointed it out to the hospital administration that her body has been bitten by rats but they are not even listening to us."

Even worse, Janta's family had to fight the hospital administration to get a probe ordered into the incident.

Laxman Harchandani, Additional Health Officer, Beawar, says, "We have ordered a probe and we will ensure action is taken against those responsible."

But with 70-year-old Iqbal's being nibbled at by rats now and Janta's body being attacked by rodents and yet zero action taken it seems the government just couldn't care less about these healthcare nightmares.