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Jan 05, 2012 at 07:52am IST

Bidve's family to bring his body back on Saturday

New Delhi: Anuj Bidve's family has reached the UK to bring his body home. The family is expected to return to Pune on Saturday.

The 23-year-old micro-electronics student was shot dead in Manchester on Boxing Day, December 26; in what police say was an assault without a motive.

Bidve's body was handed over to the Indian High Commission after the second post-mortem was conducted. One local 20-year-old Kiara Stapleton who claims he's mentally unstable has been charged with murder.

Victim's father Subhash Bidve, who arrived along with Anuj's mother and brother-in-law, will meet MP Keith Vaz, Chairman of the Britain's Home Affairs Committee, in the Parliament House on Thursday.

Vaz said, "I am pleased to welcome the Bidve family to Parliament. They have shown great dignity following the terrible circumstances of their son's death. This must be a very difficult time for them.

"I welcome the fact that Greater Manchester Police has arrested and charged a suspect within 7 days of the event and that individual will face a full trial.

We must reassure foreign students we are doing everything we can to ensure their safety in the UK. Following the criminal proceedings it will be extremely helpful if there is a full report into the circumstances of his death."

The Bidve family will leave for Manchester later on Thursday and will visit the site of the gruesome incident in Salford on Friday. They are scheduled to visit the Lancaster University where the Pune student studied.

Anuj, a postgraduate student of Microelectronics at Lancaster University, was killed in an unprovoked attack from point blank range after a brief conversation on December 26.

A man identified as Kiaran Stapleton, who described himself as "Psycho Stapleton" in the court, has been charged with the murder.

The Bidve family will return here on Friday and take the body, kept at a funeral company here, and leave for Mumbai the same evening.