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Oct 30, 2013 at 03:55pm IST

AP: 44 dead after a volvo bus catches fire in Mahbubnagar

Hyderabad: Forty four people have died after a bus volvo caught fire in Mahbubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday early morning. Only five people, including driver, survived and they have been taken to a nearby hospital.

The driver and cleaner of the bus have been taken into custody.

The charred bodies to be shifted to Hyderabad's Osmania Government Hospital by the evening. Further identification process to continue there. Post mortem formalities will be completed here in Mahbubnagar in a few hours.

The mishap occurred when the bus was overtaking a car in the early hours of Wednesday in Mahbubnagar and it veered off course hitting a divider. The fuel tank which was located on the side, exploded and the bus was engulfed in flames.

The driver of the bus claimed the bus' tyre burst which is why he lost control, but that is yet to be verified. Police are not ruling out overspeeding.

The driver said he was unable to open the emergency exit in time.

The volvo bus belonged to a private company, Jabbar Travels based in Hyderabad.

Mahbubnagar Superintendent of Police Nagendra Kumar is at the accident site. He said, "We had obtained the list of 29 passengers who boarded the bus in Bangalore from Jabbar travels."

According to him the remaining passengers had boarded the bus at Hindupur and Ananthapur. The police are trying to identify those passengers.

The owner of the volvo bus agency Imtiaz Khan went to the accident site. He said, "We do not have much information right now. The news came to us that accident happened around 5:30 in the morning."

One of the passengers' friend said, "I learnt about the accident from news channels. I've been trying to get in touch with my friend but his number is not reachable."

A victim's relative said, "I've come here to find out what happened. My relatives were on the bus. Everyone at home is worried."

A victim's son said, "He was travelling in the bus when the fire broke out. He jumped out of the bus. He is safe."

Helpline numbers: 08545-232047 and 9490600100

Names of the survivors:

1) Srikar, Age: 32 years, S/o Vijay Sarthi, Hyderabad

2) Yogesh, 28 years, S/o Yogana, Bangalore

3) Mazhar Pasha, 31 years, S/o Farooq Pasha, Bangalore

4) Jai Singh, 25 years, S/o Morailal Chowdhary, Uttar Pradesh

5) Rajesh, 30 years, S/o Bhaskar, Hyderabad