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Jul 11, 2012 at 12:15pm IST

AP: KCR, TJAC at odds over Telangana agitation plan

Hyderabad: Differences appear to have cropped up between TJAC (Telangana Joint Action Committee) leadership and TRS chief K Chandrasekhara Rao, with the latter not in favour of relaunching the agitation for separate state. TJAC had decided to relaunch the agitation on August 1 and organise Telangana March on September 30 to force the Union government to announce statehood for Telangana without anymore delay.

On Monday night, when TJAC leaders met KCR and explained about their plans, the TRS chief was not pleased. He expressed the confidence that UPA government would take a decision on Telangana at the earliest. He is learnt to have told TJAC members that there was no need for any more protests and that it was time to prepare a blueprint for the reconstruction of Telangana. He informed them that for the last several months he was busy deliberating on the reconstruction of Telangana with intellectuals from the region.

After the creation of Telangana state, the number of districts would be increased to 24 for easy and effective administration, he said. The TJAC leadership was asked not to associate with BJP anymore. Ruling out Rayala Telangana, KCR said even Centre has not considered such a proposal. He reserved decision on participating in the agitations planned by TJAC.

AP: KCR, TJAC at odds over Telangana plan

Differences appear to have cropped up between Telangana Joint Action Committee) and TRS chief K Chandrasekhara Rao.

Several TJAC members differed with KCR’s view and said only agitations can see the Telangana state become a reality.