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Sep 04, 2013 at 06:52am IST

Apple's September 10 event invitation hints at new iPhone colours

New Delhi: Apple has sent a colourful invitation for an event next week amid speculation that it may debut new colours for the latest iPhone. The invitation, emailed Tuesday, has a picture of the Apple logo surrounded by multi-coloured polka dots and the sentence: "This should brighten everyone's day."

The iPhone 5, which went on sale in September of 2012, comes only in black or white. The event is on September 10 at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California. The company's latest phone model was expected to be unveiled this month.

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There has been a lot of speculation supported by leaks around the next iPhone models. It is believed that Apple could launch two new models - one a successor to the iPhone 5 which may be called iPhone 5S and the other the much discussed lower-priced iPhone targeted towards the emerging markets - iPhone 5C.

One of the recent leaks about the iPhone 5C showed a number of iPhone 5C units in blue, white and yellow.

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Apple plans to dress up the phone in a range of five or six colors to differentiate it from the more expensive model that has traditionally come only in black and white, according to the sources.

Analysts say the company needs a cheaper phone to drive faster growth in markets like China and India, and to counter Samsung's edge in having a wide range of devices at varying prices.

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Growth in Asian markets is seen as key for smartphone makers. China's smartphone market, for example, is set to grow 48 per cent this year, outpacing the global increase of 31 per cent, according to industry forecasts.

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