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Are you losing hair? Visit a trichologist

New Delhi: Amit was losing hair for six months and was desperate for a cure like, maybe a million other people in India who lose hair everyday.

After all it has been truly said a hair in the head is worth two in the brush! One of the most dismaying sights one can see is hair on the bathroom floor, in the comb or hair on the pillow, as to most of us hair is associated with good looks, strength and beauty.

To some it also has emotional implications with people losing hair, having lowered self-confidence and self esteem, with some even going into major depression.

The importance of visiting a trichologist:

Trichologists at Dr Batra’s clinic have undergone clinical training, are able to diagnose 30-40 different types of hair loss problems. Having learnt the latest trends in hair all over the world they have been exposed to the regular tried and tested methods to modern, still-under-research techniques, under the training of Mr Barry Stevens, a leading trichologist from London and the pioneer of follicular hair transplant.

WOTRTH A VISIT: Trichologists are able to diagnose 30-40 different types of hair loss problems.

The aim of the trichologists is to integrate these learnings with proper diet planning for the patients, treatment based on international protocols and scientific measurement of the efficacy of treatment using TrichoScan.

The “TRICHOSCAN”, a sophisticated German technology the first of its kind in the country combines epiluminescence microscopy with digital image analysis for the measurement of hair growth and enables to digitally document and quantify hair loss. With this expertise the patients are bound to see a marked difference in their hair condition.

Trichologist’s perception of hair:

For trichologists, hair is actually a mirror of health, with hair fall often being the first sign of ill health.

However, not all hair problems are hereditary. Many medical conditions like hypothyroidism, anaemia, hormonal imbalances, systemic lupus erythematosus and lichen planus are often detected by also looking at the hair loss pattern.

Hair can also be an indicator of emotional or mental problems. Anita Thakur (name changed), a 27-year-old newly married woman visited Dr Batra’a clinic with a hair fall problem.

Her husband who accompanied her told them that he often found her depressed and crying in the six months they were married.

Her symptoms of hair fall were looked at. While on the emotional front the young bride was upset of leaving a large, joint family and coming into an independent set-up with only her husband.

Being an arranged marriage with not much courting, she was still unfamiliar with her husband and hesitated in communicating her apprehensions with him. She being introverted was also extra sensitive and did not discuss or talk issues out with her husband if he even showed the slightest displeasure with her.

She had also bitten her nails due to the problem. Her hair loss was more on the right side of her scalp, while the left was reasonably lush. The trichologists diagnosed her condition to be that of trichotillomania and prescribed medicines accordingly.

In six months time with regular counseling and medicines, the young bride is now coping well and her husband is charmed by her change of behaviour too.


Trichologists in legal circles

The other unexplored side of hair and the expertise of a trichologist is in solving medico-legal cases. The cases below signify the importance of hair and how hair specialists (trichologists) have a greater role to play in solving these.

Abdul’s (name changed) fate was sealed for the gallows. But Abdul’s counsel knew that everything was not as it seemed; his gut said that Abdul was not guilty. The counsel decided to call in a trichologist for help.

A witness testified that he had seen a bearded man commit the robbery in broad daylight. He identified, the clean-shaven Abdul as the perpetuator of the crime. But Abdul argued that he could never grow a beard as he suffered from a genetic condition that did not allow him to grow one.

This was when the defense counsel decided to call in a trichologist. The trichologist examined Abdul and confirmed that he could never grow a beard. The judge ruled the case in Abdul’s favour based on the Trichologist’s expert analysis.

Thus, one can understand how the study of hair can not only save it from falling off, but also save the head it sits on from rolling, like in Abdul’s case.

Treatment at Dr Batra’sSM

After treating over 75, 000 patients and many more adding daily the trichlogists at Dr Batra’s have a clear indication of the reasons of hair problems. As it is evident, the treatment goes far beyond the cosmetic and aims at long-term cure of the patient.

Their team of over 270 full time qualified doctors treats patients as an individual, which makes the major difference.

Being a mind and body medicine, the individualised treatment plans comprises latest technology, personalised diet plan, which help in treating connecting illness thereby arresting hair fall and other hair related problems.

Their aim is to relegate the patients’ hair to a higher platform than just a cosmetic element by making one understand its significance as a diagnostic factor, as a medico-legal help and most of all as the confidence booster for many.

So the next time you think you have even the slightest problem with your hair, go only to a qualified trichologist.

Afterall, you need to make the right choice for your hair by trusting it with an expert who knows what’s best for it.

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