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Oct 25, 2007 at 05:37pm IST

Rly installs CCTV cameras in Mumbai trains

Mumbai: Images of the 7/11 blasts have not faded in the collective memory of Mumbaikars, specially those who commute by local trains everyday.

With the terror threat still looming large over Mumbai's lifeline, the railway is all set to step up security with the help of new technology. It may seem late, but the railway is actually taking security matters seriously now.

In a move to beef up security on trains, the Western Railway has experimentally installed CCTV cameras in the ladies compartments of the trains as these compartments are considered the most vulnerable to crime.

"There are incidents of chain snatching, misbehaving with ladies and also illegal activities. So, in order to prevent these, if people are aware that on entering ladies compartments photos are taken, they would avoid such things," Satya Prakash, Divisional Railway Managers of Western Railways, says.

The CCTVs, installed in the first class ladies compartments would monitor the entry and exit of people and also keep an eye on them while they are sitting in the train. The recordings can then be used to identify any miscreant. The CCTVs have been provided by ClearVision Security Systems and are said to have very sophisticated and durable parts.

"Even in a bomb blast, the hard disk of the recorder won't be destroyed," S Anand, an official with Clear Vision Security Systems, claims.

The commuters, who seem to have welcomed the decision, don't seem to be entirely convinced about its utility though. "If you are implementing this, then you should keep track of it," Sheetal, a regular commuter, points out.

"Installing CCTVs is not enough, they should increase the number of policemen," Devyani, another commuter, demands.

Right now, the railway is just checking the feasibility of the CCTV project. If the results are satisfactory, the railway might consider having CCTV cameras in many more coaches on the Mumbai's lifeline.

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