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Feb 19, 2013 at 02:15pm IST

Arindam Chaudhuri: Call me ugly, but if you harm my business, I'll sue you

New Delhi: A furious Arindam Chaudhuri dared detractors on Tuesday to challenge him in court after the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY) blocked 78 web pages including that of UGC following a court order. He said he did not mind online pot shots at his looks, but he will sue abusers if they harmed his business.

"Please go to the internet and fill it up. If you say Arindam Chaudhari is ugly and has a bad sense of dressing, I will not say anything. But if you say anything to harm my business then I will sue you," he said on the Face The Nation show on CNN-IBN.

Chaudhuri took an aggressive stance and used expletives more than once during the roundtable attended by host Sagarika Ghose, blogger and founder of Kafila.org Shivam Vij, cyber law expert Pawan Duggal and publisher of Careers 360, Maheshwar Peri.

"What bulls**t! IIPM was never recognised (by the UGC)," Chaudhuri said when told that the IIPM was de-recognised.

The web page of University Grants Commission (UGC) was among various other website links that have been blocked on internet on the basis of a Gwalior court order after a business partner of Arindam Chaudhuri-led IIPM complained about "defamatory material" about the institute published on them.

"If the court finds possible defamatory content, it's not going to wait....(and say) let me wait for 20 years and let it screw IIPM," Chaudhuri said.

"There are thousands of universities in the country that are not universities but the UGC does not put out advertisements saying they are not universities. Freedom of speech is in its place. But if it's defamatory it's got to go. That's the way it is across the world," he told the panelists.

The list of web pages blocked also included news items on websites of leading media houses on the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM).

UGC in its public notice cautioned the students had said that it does not recognise (IIPM) and that it is not entitled to award degrees. Complying with the Gwalior court order, the Ministry of Communications and IT issued the order to internet service providers to comply with the order by blocking web pages as directed by the court.

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