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Jun 07, 2012 at 10:02am IST

Army officer flouts aviation safety norms, travels in plane's cockpit

New Delhi: In a shocking incident, aviation rules were being flouted by a senior Army official. The incident took place on a GoAir flight from Leh to Jammu on Wednesday when Lt General Ravi Dastane entered the cockpit during the flight.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has reacted to the CNN-IBN report grounding both the pilots. The Chief Safety Officer has also been summoned by the DGCA. He also faces a suspension.

The DGCA noted that from the security breach, the pilots could have been distracted by the additional people inside the flight, which could have led to a disaster at one of the world's most challenging airports.

When CNN-IBN enquired about the Lt General's presence in the cockpit, a crew member claimed he had permission from the DGCA. However, DGCA sources say there is a written ban on anyone flying inside the cockpit on a commercial flight, including the DGCA chief.

DGCA sources say that the Lt General has been trying to reach the authorities to explain his position, but any action against him can be initiated only by the Army.

But Army sources have told CNN-IBN that Lt General Dastane was invited into the cockpit by the pilot and he stepped in briefly without any intention to flout rules. Army sources say that the Lt General will clarify the issue with the DGCA.