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Nov 07, 2007 at 08:29am IST

Army takes J&K molestor soldiers to task

New Delhi: The army has initiated action against two soldiers who tried to rape a girl in Kashmir’s Bandipur town after breaking into her house in June this year.

One of the soldiers has been put behind bars while the other has been demoted.

CNN-IBN had first reported the army had initiated court marshall proceedings against the soldiers.

Sources say the army top brass is keen on isolating “these elements” for tarnishing its image.

The Army had already sent out tough warning to its soldiers after the incident came to light.

“The army has already ordered a court of enquiry and would like to assure that it will be a thorough enquiry, impartial and in case somebody has done a mistake, army would not condone this mistake. If it is proven that these people were at fault, we will take action, appropriate with the fault,” a senior official had told CNN-IBN.

The incident

Villagers at the Kunan village alleged the Rashtriya rifles soldiers dressed in civilian clothes, barged into the house of Mohammad Rafiq Khan, posing as terrorists.

They asked the family to let them spend the night in their house. When they were refused, the two men attacked the daughter of the house.

Angry villagers paraded the two soldiers naked through the streets, beating them, shaving their heads and even smearing dirt on their faces.

They staged a sit-in outside the local police station. Police had to use force to rescue the two soldiers from the protestors.

Several people including the victim's grandfather were injured in the police action.

Said the victim’s grandfather,” The jawans tied us up but what they did does not compare to the police's atrocities.”

A case was registered against the accused jawans, Balwant Singh and Joginder Singh. The village market downed shutters to protest the incident.