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Asaram blames media, says channels twisted his comment on Delhi gangrape

Jan 08, 2013 at 05:25pm IST

New Delhi: Self-proclaimed spiritual leader Asaram Bapu has now blamed the media for misquoting his statement about the Delhi gangrape case. He alleged that the media was trying to defame him but he was not afraid of such a slander campaign.

Addressing his followers at Pandharpur in Maharashtra's Solapur on Tuesday he said the news channels were only interested in higher TRPs and so were targeting him. He said that women and girls were living in an atmosphere of fear and this should be rectified at the earliest.

Hitting out at the media he said that he is not bothered what they (media) say about him. "Dogs keep barking, elephant doesn't bother," he said.

Asaram says media twisted his Delhi gangrape comment

Asaram said that news channels were only interested in higher TRPs and so were targeting him.

Even as the outrage over self-proclaimed spiritual leader Asaram Bapu's comments on the Delhi braveheart continues, his followers have also refused to apologise and instead defended his remarks.

Asaram's statement was a new low in the public discourse on the brutal gangrape and murder case of the 23-year-old paramedical student. He had said that the braveheart was also to be blamed for what she suffered. He even said that the Delhi braveheart could have begged the attackers and addressed them as 'brothers' to escape.

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