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Aug 21, 2013 at 02:08pm IST

Asaram denies sexual assault claim, says charges against him are false

New Delhi: Self-styled godman Asaram's spokesperson has rubbished allegations of sexual assault against him saying they are all 'fake'. This comes after a case of sexual assault was filed against Asaram in Delhi.

Asaram's PRO Neelam Dubey has now said that this is a conspiracy to malign his image. "This is entirely a fake thing. Let investigation happen and let the result come. There could be a group behind the story and the group could be those who don't tolerate. The Indian culture should increase throughout the world," she said.

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The case has been filed by a 16-year-old girl who was living in the hostel of Asaram in Jodhpur. The case has been filed at Kamla market police station in Delhi. After filing the FIR in Delhi, the case has now been referred to Jodhpur.

Asaram has in the recent past been in trouble over his alleged sexist remarks in the December 16 Delhi gangrape case. A Muzaffarpur court had issued an arrest warrant against him after he ignored two summons.

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Asaram had incited public outcry when he claimed that the gangrape victim could have saved herself by addressing her violators as brothers and asking for mercy. He had said that the 23-year-old student was as responsible for the ghastly incident as the six accused who have been arrested by the Delhi Police.

Addressing his supporters, Asaram had said, "Only 5-6 people are not the culprits. The victim daughter is as guilty as her rapists. She should have called the culprits brothers and begged before them to stop...This could have saved her dignity and life." He had quipped, "Can one hand clap? I don't think so."

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The statement of the godman was backed by his spokesperson, who instead of apologising or dismissing the statement, reiterated that the braveheart should have reminded the culprits of god to save herself.