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Jan 13, 2011 at 08:36pm IST

Aseemanand's confession before CBI voluntary

New Delhi: CNN-IBN has accessed a letter written by Saumjhauta Blast accused Swami Aseemanand which shows that his confession before the CBI was voluntary.

The letter accessed by CNN-IBN was written by Swami Aseemanand to the presidents of India and Pakistan on why he had a change of heart and wanted to confess.

swami Aseemanand had given the letter - where he expressed his desire to confess - to his brother.

The letter was addressed to Indian and Pakistani presidents, but was never sent by his brother and it's now seen as proof that the swami's confession was voluntary and not under duress.

In the letter, Aseemanand has explained his change of heart after meeting a Muslim boy who was falsely implicated in Malegaon blasts.

Aseemanand gave these letters to his brother but these letters have not been received by either of the presidents' office.

These letters were written by Aseemanand in his own handwriting on December 20, 2010.

Aseemanand's confession was recorded by the CBI on December 18, 2010.