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Jun 20, 2007 at 05:12am IST

Asha, Brett to team up for duet again

New Delhi: The music never stops. Not with Asha Bhonsle and Brett Lee, anyway. The duo seems all set to make a come-back with another album, with the legendary singer expressing her desire to record another song with the Australian pace bowler.

Herald Sun reported on Wednesday that Asha, who would be visiting Australia next month, would probably meet with Lee during her visit.

"Why not? The song is going extremely well," the 73-year-old singer was quoted as saying in an interview.

MUSICAL ENCORE: Asha is likely to visit Australia next month, meet up with Lee during her trip.

"We have his telephone number and he said to give him a shout and he will try and catch up. Brett is a really great guy. I really had fun with him and I look forward to doing that again," Bhonsle was quoted as saying.

Lee and Asha had come together to sing a duet for the Indian legend's new album, Asha and Friends a few months ago.

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