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Ashis Nandy should've been more cautious: Ashutosh

Feb 04, 2013 at 06:09pm IST

IBN7's managing editor Ashutosh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on Ashis Nandy's comments about Dalits at the Jaipur Literature Festival.

Q. Was the furor on Ashis Nandy's comments justified? Asked by: Isha

Ashis Nandy should've been more cautious: Ashutosh

IBN7's managing editor Ashutosh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on Ashis Nandy's comments about Dalits at the Jaipur Literature Festival.

A. I don't think so.

Q. Is demand for Ashis Nandy's arrest on his comments uncalled for? Asked by: Prabhu

A. It's not required and was in bad taste.

Q. Ashish Nandy is very respectable, he might have erred or he wanted to say something and said something. Why has it become a debating point. He said if has hurt anybody's sentiment he is sorry. Asked by: S ESHWAR

A. It was an intellectual debate which was brought into the domain of politics and that was a problem and yes, even Nandy should have been more cautious.

Q. Did Ashis Nandy used wrong language for right argument? Asked by: gaurav

A. Yes I think he should have used better language.

Q. Should we review SC/ST act and make it more realistic? Asked by: Ashwini

A. I don't think there is a need to review SC/ST act but yes administration should more careful in execution .

Q. Salman Rushdie feels literature and cinema are often victims of cultural terrorism...esp in India. Your views. Asked by: anand

A. I will put it in a different perspective that intolerance has been increasing day by day and creative world is in a serious pressure and that is unfortunate.

Q. Many Dalit families still live below poverty line. How can Ashis ji say like that? Asked by: yamini

A. Prof Nandy has always been pro Dalit and worked for their betterment.

Q. Are we getting intellectually shallower and bankrupt? Asked by: eega

A. It's a kind of Samudra Manthan. We don't have to get hassled, we have to understand with a context.In mt opinion it will enrich our intellectual environment.

Q. Are we Indians not getting less tolerant as every day some group are in focus on..somewhere protesting against a movie or somewhere protesting against someone whose had told something. Asked by: Rohit

A. Yes there is a serious question if freedom of expression is at stake or not? As every now and then some group or other are raising such issues which should be seen as an attempt to muzzle the voice of free expression. But it should also be understood that India is a young democracy and the kind of diversities we have it will take time time for identities to adjust to each other and shape a uniform identity as India which is not elitist in nature.

Q. Sir, do you think that all the political parties are playing politics on Ashis Nandy Comments about Dalits. Asked by: Sachin

A. See its not that simple. Obviously some of them were playing politics and wanted to address to their vote banks. But it should also be seen in the context of assertion of Dalit identities as if they wanted to say that time has come when they should not be taken for granted.

Q. What do you think was the provocation for Nandy to say what he did? Asked by: Urmi

A. I believe that he had no provocation he just wanted to articulate a philosophical formulation and he did. I wish if he had explained it further and elaborated more.

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