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Apr 11, 2008 at 06:29pm IST

Ashwin Sundar set to burn tracks in Germany

New Delhi: Latest Indian racing prodigy Ashwin Sundar has been invited by German racing team MaCon Motor Sports for a three-year sponsorship.

The path to success is challenging but there are some who dare to choose the road less traveled.

And 17-year-old Ashwin Sundar is the latest Indian prodigy to hit the headlines in the world of motorspot.

Chosen for a three-year sponsorship by German Racing Team Macon Motorsports, he would now be racing in the prestigious German Formula Volkswagen ADAC Championship next month.

"The main challenge for me will to learn the tracks as quickly as possible because I have never driven on all those circuits before on which I am going to race now. Also need to get adapted to the car as quickly as possible," says Ashwin.

"It was his commitment. He was 100 per cent committed even when we had bad conditions like rain, snow and dry conditions but he was always on level. He always gave 100 per cent for this motorsport which has impressed me so much as compared to others," Marian Hamprecht, owner of the MaCon Motor Sports team, says.

The race, run over eight legs, will be held on various circuits in Germany. With this tie up, Ashwin has now set his eyes on the 2010 Formula 3 European series and has his roadmap for the future clear.

"Any racer's aim is to be in Formula One. Same for me. As of now I want to do the Formula ADAC VW nicely and finish in top three and then proceed to Formula 3000 and after then lets see how it goes," Ashwin says about his future plans

Ashwin still doesn't have a valid driving license, but on the racetrack, he has displayed the license to thrill and win and looks set for bigger challenges ahead.

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