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Apr 23, 2009 at 07:17pm IST

Asthmatic girl dies, Delhi school faces ire

New Delhi: A reputed Delhi school is facing the ire of parents of a girl who reportedly died of an asthma attack in the school premises on Tuesday.

Akkriti Bhatia, a class XII student of a renowned public school in Capital suffered an asthma attack on Monday. The school nurse reportedly administered the nebuliser and oxygen to Akriti.

However, Akkriti’s parents allege that instead of rushing her to the hospital, the school asked them to send a vehicle for her. There was reportedly no ambulance available in the school.

NEGLIGENCE? Akriti Bhatia, a class XII student, suffered an asthma attack on Monday.

The parents also allege the school nurse took away Akkriti's oxygen support while on the way to the hospital, where she was declared brought dead.

“The Principal is not bothered. Students have been told to not talk about the incident and the principal says that they may be thrown out of the school if they do,” alleges Akkriti’s father Vipin Bhatia.

The school authorities have denied the allegation and say they made all efforts to rescue Akkriti. They say first-aid was administered immediately after the girl complained of breathlessness and parents were informed.

The principal of the school alleges Akkriti’s mother insisted the girl be taken to her aunt’s house and not to the doctor’s.

"School has buses, Qualis, cars. But this girl wanted to go home and therefore her parents sent the car with just the driver and no one else. The car was parked right outside the gate," says school principal Goldy Malhotra.