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Sep 02, 2009 at 02:02am IST

Atomic Energy ex-chief Iyengar slams Pokhran

New Delhi: Yet another top nuclear scientist has come out stating that the Pokhran II nuclear tests were not a full success. Speaking exclusively to CNN-IBN the former chairman of the Department of Atomic Energy, P K Iyengar said Pokhran II was carried out in haste and has explained just why the yields of tests were less than what was claimed.

"How did Pak fire a device 10 days after we did? It is obvious that they had a tunnel, a horizontal tunnel. After putting the device inside they had to close it with concrete. That would have taken atleast a week. 60 tonnes of cement and concrete was used. Therefore, my guess is that by even on the 11th of May when India detonated, or even earlier in March, the government of India's intelligence must have found out that the Pakistanis are ready to test and that they are serious. They asked these people to hurry up. In that hurry, whatever hole had already been built, they used it. They decided 'let us fire both of them simultaneously'. All this political pressure to be one up politically was stepped up as BJP had just come to power. If Pakistan had fired an explosion before India what would the common man in India have thought?" said P K Iyengar.

Iyengar has also questioned the success of the Pokran II tests. He has said that India conducted the tests in haste. Iyengar goes on to say that India tested in a hurry to pre-empt the nuke tests by Pakistan.

The Pokhran yield could have been much less than claimed.