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Oct 04, 2011 at 03:52pm IST

Ahmedabad: Auto driver returns diamonds worth Rs 20 lakh

Ahmedabad: There are several Indians who are living examples of courage and decency, and who believe in doing constructive work for a better future.

A fortnight ago, Mohammed Shakir Ansari, an ordinary autorickshaw driver in Ahmedabad, returned a bag containing diamonds worth Rs 20 lakh that a passenger had left behind in his rickshaw.

"I believe the almighty will be happy with us only if we are honest. That is what I have been taught. It is Allah's work that I was honest," said the 35-year-old Gomtipur resident.

On September 10, diamond trader Rupesh Jain hailed Ansari's autorickshaw. However, instead of boarding it, he parked his trolley bag. Ansari, under the impression that Jain was already seated, drove away only to find out a good three km later that the passenger had not boarded the rickshaw.

He then rushed back to the railway station and searched for Jain. Unable to trace him there, Ansari then reached the police station where he found the trader himself.

The act by Ansari made his friends extremely proud of him.

"I feed proud to have a friend like him. He's done a good thing," said Ansari’s friend Mohammed Rafiq Shaikh.

"The trader was happy and told him to contact him whenever he needs any help," said another friend Bilal Shaikh.

Ansari, who didn't check the bag's contents, realised that it contained diamonds worth Rs 20 lakh only after the police informed him. He was rewarded Rs 500 each by the police and the trader.

"We have just done our bit to encourage him to keep up the good work," said R C Chaudhari, senior PI, Kalupur police station.

Life, however, continues to remain the same for Ansari, but with his act of honesty, the ordinary autorickshaw driver has proved that there is a hero in every one.

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