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Jun 23, 2013 at 02:33pm IST

Axis ATM skimming case: Police identifies 2 Bulgarian nationals

Mumbai: Police have identified two Bulgarian nationals while scrutinising CCTV footage of the ATMs in Mumbai in the ATM skimming case where cloned debit cards were used to withdrawn money from 37 accounts.

A total of 37 Axis bank accounts were hacked into and money was withdrawn from ATMs in Greece. 14 of those accounts belonged to Mumbai policemen. The police are in the process of getting the CCTV footage from Greece to verify the identity of the suspects.

A little over Rs 15 lakh was withdrawn through ATMs in Greece. Axis Bank had said it had compensated all the affected customers.

"A small number of our customers' accounts (less than 50) have been impacted through transactions at compromised ATMs in Mumbai belonging to multiple banks. We have reversed the impact in all such customers' accounts with immediate effect, to ensure they are not inconvenienced. We are undertaking a full investigation into the incident and are working closely with law enforcement officials in this regard. We wish to assure our customers that Axis Bank stands committed to protecting their interests and that we have the necessary systems to ensure the same," Axis Bank spokesperson had said.