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Apr 07, 2010 at 03:15pm IST

Shoaib admits marriage, divorces Ayesha

Hyderabad: A compromise has been reached between Shoaib Malik and the family of Ayesha Siddiqui, who claims to have married him, apparently paving the way for his marriage with tennis star Sania Mirza here on April 15.

One of Sania's family friends Chamundeshwarnath said: "There are reports that Sania and Shoaib have already married: That's not true. Till this problem is solved, Nikah won't be there. That is what the family is also thinking. Once this Ayesha-Shoaib problem is solved only, Nikah will be there." When asked what does Shoaib have to say on all this, he said he can't comment about Shoaib or even Ayesha. "We don't know anything about them. I am very close to Sania's family. Can only talk about them. Shoaib and Ayesha will have to solve their problem and then Nikah will be celebrated once he is cleared from everything."

Asked if the cases against Shoaib, who is slated to marry tennis star Sania Mirza here on April 15, would be withdrawn after the latest development, he said, "Yes, of course." Mustafa Khan, a well-wisher of both the families, told reporters that the Siddiqui family would withdraw the police case against Shoiab.

Shoaib admits marriage, divorces Ayesha

NUPTIAL KNOT: Shoaib Malik says he will marry Sania Mirza in Hyderabad on April 15.

A number of Muslim community leaders are understood to have brokered the deal between the two sides, negotiations for which started last night and concluded this morning. Abid Rasool Khan, a Congress leader and an important member of the community, said many Muslim leaders were involved in working out the compromise. Meanwhile, Shoaib Malik's brother said that Shoaib's wedding to Sania would go on as planned.