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Apr 03, 2010 at 04:52pm IST

Shoaib arrives, to marry Sania in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Hardly 12 days to go and the cross-border Sania-Shoaib match is creating the big buzz on Saturday afternoon. Sania's family insisted the wedding would be held as scheduled in Hydedrabad on April 15.

Refuting Pakistani media reports that it's been shifted to Dubai where the couple plans to settle down, her family sources made clear there is no change in the wedding plan as Shoaib Malik arrived here on Saturday.

Earlier, a Hyderabadi girl Ayesha Siddiqui had accused Shoaib of cheating, saying she's already married to him.

The Siddiqui family have released pictures of what they claim is the Nikahnama. The document shows the Nikah (marriage) was performed on June 3, 2002. It was signed by Nasir Hussain, the Registrar. Hafiz Mohammad Khaled performed the Nikah. It also shows 500 rupees was paid as meher. But crucially, the Nikah registration number is missing and there are no dates for the witness signatures.

"It's easy for men to move on but it's difficult for women. His family has been insulting us all these years. All evidences we present are said to be fake by his family. How can we risk producing fake papers when we are constantly under media glare," Ayesha said. "When we decided to settle down, Shoaib started having problems with my weight."

"At 21 years, a person has voting rights. He is matured enough to decide who he has to marry. How could he claim to be fooled? He is a celebrity, a cricketer who has seen the world. After having stayed here for four times, how could he claim that he was married off to some other girl," said Ayesha's mother.

"I want my daughter to be happy and I want her to be in public. I don't want her to be a recluse because of that dirty man," she added.

"He is a cheater. Of course, I want a divorce. Why would I want her to settle with a cheater. Once a cheater always a cheater. He will be with one girl one moment and with another girl the next moment. Don't know how many girls is he with."

But Shoaib's brother-in-law Imran Zafar rubbished the claims made by Ayesha's family, saying they don't have the proof to prove that Shoaib's married Ayesha.

"I hereby commit before India and Pakistan that Shoaib Malik will divorce Ayesha only one condition that their marriage has to be proved from the Islamic point of view. I'm not talking about the Nikahnama, the nikah has to go through a process. Call one witness from our side and ten people from their side, and if they agree to their marriage, then he'll give her a divorce," said Shoaib's brother-in-law.

"An imaginary Ayesha was created who used to talk over the phone. We are not to be blamed if she turns out to be another girl. You have cheated on us we did not cheat on you all."

Meanwhile, a defamation notice has been sent by the Siddiquis to Shoaib and his brother-in-law for harassment, fraud and character assassination.

"We have not recieved. Till now we have no information. Let us receive the letter and its content and then we will deide what we have to do," said Ramesh Gupta, Shoaib's family lawyer. "I have no instructions to proceed in any manner whatsoever."

Two years earlier a letter was recieved and we responded. Shoaib has denied having married daughter of Siddiquie by claiming that there was no legal marriage between them. That's it. As far as Nikahnama is concerned he says that he did send one nikahnama to a girl whose photograph was sent to him on an e-mail which is not Ayesha Siddiqui," he added.

"He believed some other gilr to be Ayesha whose photograph was sent to him. I don't think he is planning to do anything."

But the controversy won't derail the Sania-Shoaib marriage. Both Shoaib and Sania have tweeted on the controversy. Shoaib says: "All these controversies that are coming out would not affect our marriage. Sania and me are not bothered about the past and are happy about our marrige."

Meanwhile, Sania posted in her twitter page: "Thanks for your support and love. Me and my family know what the truth is, we've known it all along and we have confidence in God's justice."

But interestingly, the cricketer himself had acknowleged his marriage in an interview to GEO TV in 2004.

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