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Jan 07, 2011 at 03:59pm IST

VHP warns of 'final democratic struggle'

Ramnathi: Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Friday said it would launch "final democratic struggle" for construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya if Centre did not hand over the entire complex for the temple construction.

"We demand that entire complex at Ayodhya be handed over for the construction of Ram Temple and not just a small portion," VHP's International President Ashok Singhal said.

Singhal was speaking at inauguration of the meeting of VHP's board of trustees and Governing Council at Ramnathi, 30 km away from Panaji.

Ayodhya: VHP warns of 'final democratic struggle'

The VHP leader said the "so-called" disputed land at Ayodhya was very small.

The VHP leader said the "so-called" disputed land at Ayodhya was very small. "It consists of few rooms and a temple can not be constructed at such a small site," Singhal said, adding that VHP will need entire 67 acres of the complex.

"Our demand will be placed before Central government through show of strength and if that does not work, then we will have to resort to mass agitation," Singhal said.

VHP's International General Secretary Pravin Togadia said the Centre should fulfill the promise in the affidavit filed during the hearing that if the court gives verdict in favour of Ram janmabhoomi then entire complex would be handed over for the temple construction.

"If it fails to do so then we will invite millions of Hindus to participate in the final democratic struggle for construction of Ram Temple," Togadia said.

Talking to reporters later, Togadia refused to answer the question whether VHP will wait for the Supreme Court verdict on Ram Mandir issue.

"Temple is a question of faith," he said, adding that VHP wanted Parliament to pass a legislation to hand over the land for Ram janmabhoomi.

The three-day-long meeting has 250 VHP functionaries participating in it.

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