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Nov 05, 2012 at 10:25pm IST

Baby Damini discharged from hospital; father wants to give her best education

Jaipur: Motherless Baby Damini, who was admitted at a private hospital here following government support, was on Monday discharged in a healthy condition. A father's prayers, along with thousands of nameless others, have been answered at last. The 51-day-old motherless Baby Damini, who spent the first few days of her life slung across her father's chest as he pulled a rickshaw in Bharatpur, has now been discharged from the hospital. The daily wage-earner has also received a financial support of Rs 16 Lakh from benevolent strangers to raise her.

Babloo, Damini's father, says, “I had come here in a state of distress, concerned about Damini's health. I had prayed fervently for her early recovery. I will do my best to educate her. I am not educated since I could not get access to education but I will educate my daughter in the best possible way.”

Severely malnourished and grossly underweight at 2 kgs, Baby Damini will now have to be monitored for the next year. Meanwhile, the government will now pool in the money that Babloo has received for raising Damini into a trust fund.

Gyan Prakash Shukla, District Collector, Bharatpur, says, “We were all fearful since her condition was so bad. But I'm now relieved and almost as happy as Babloo. The child is now fit and being discharged."

It's been a heart-warming journey of resilience and miraculous survival for Baby Damini and her father who was determined to raise her against all odds. He now dreams to being able to educate her in the best possible way.