Mar 27, 2014 at 05:03pm IST

'Bal Narendra' in pics: Comic book shows 'fearless' young Narendra Modi saving drowning boy, taking on crocodiles, bullies

Bal Narendra - Childhood Stories of Narendra Modi, a comic book brought out by Rannade Prakashan and Blue Snail Animation, tells stories of bravery and "fearlessness" from BJP leader and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's childhood. The comic book, that has no known author, is a catalogue of larger-than-life deeds for his family, friends and society in general.

The 45- page comic book shows Modi rescuing a drowning boy, swimming in crocodile infested waters, serving tea and food to soldiers going to war in 1962, taking on school bullies, helping his father sell tea, acting in theatre, strategising his team's kabaddi win and saving a trapped bird. The book, interestingly, shows young Modi sharing a single family room with six members. One of them is a sister whom he feeds though none of his siblings have been named in the comic.