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Jan 07, 2013 at 07:13pm IST

Ban co-education, live-in relationships to prevent rapes: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

New Delhi: The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has demanded that co-education be abolished in India to prevent rapes from happening. In recommendations submitted to the Justice JS Verma committee on ensuring women's safety, the organisation also demanded that women be made to wear what it calls "dignified dresses". It also proposed banning live-in relationships.

The outfit has submitted 11 suggestions, one of them is the public execution of rapists.

Below is the full text of the recommendations list.

"Following are the suggestions for kind consideration of committee headed by you (Justice JS Verma) regarding ensuring safety and security to woman:-

1. Only proper marriage contracted by free will of man and woman should be recognised as legally permitted form of legal sexual intimacy. All sex outside marriage including live-in-relationship should be declared illegal and punishable.

2. There should be provision for capital punishment for heinous crimes such as rape. These punishments should be given in public and there should be opportunity for people to witness the same so that it might act as deterrent to such heinous crimes.

3. Co-Education should be abolished and proper education facilities meant for only women only should be available at all level of education.

4. Educational institutions should prescribe sober and dignified dress for girls.

5. Services of religious institutions and religious leaders should be sought to reform society, inculcate moral values and awareness against crimes especially in the new generation.

6. Proper transport facilities for woman which proper safety measures be made available particularly in the town and cities.

7. Marriage should be made easy and it should be encouraged to have timely marriage, all forms of dowry be abolished and all unnecessary expenditures be curbed and made punishable.

8. The electronic and print media, TV programmes, Films and advertisements should avoid in proper exposure of woman and it should be made punishable.

9. The alcohol is in the root of all evils and crimes particularly against women it should be completely banned in the whole country.

10. The criminal laws in this regard should be made more stringent, the judicial procedure be simplified and made faster.

11. The police reforms should be implemented soon and specially the complaints of not lodging FIRs or delaying of FIRs are made punishable offences.

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