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Dec 07, 2012 at 07:10pm IST

Bangalore: Attack on Manipur woman highlights police insensitivity

Bangalore: Even as the accused in the horrific Guwahati mob molestation case were convicted on Friday, yet another woman became the victim of mob violence. The incident happened in Bangalore, which was recently tagged as the best Indian city to live in by a survey.

"The men, 30-40 men, started doing the same thing. I did not have a pen and paper with me (to note down the license plate number of the motorcycle that hit her car), so I took a picture of the bike license plate, so while I was taking the picture, these guys said, 'We will start taking off our clothes, will you take our pictures?' I was like, 'Are you daring me to do that? I will take your pictures.' I started taking their pictures. They started escalating their sexual gestures and harassment."

The woman from Manipur has been a resident of the city for three years. And the incident happened in the heart of the city. What is worse, a traffic policeman she requested for help, instead punched her and dragged her away from the spot to let the motorcycle go, she alleged.

The incident happened when the victim was returning from work. A motorcycle rammed into her car, and even as she tried to assess damage, she alleged that a crowd of men heckled her with lewd comments and gestures. "These men surrounded me. One man started fondling his private parts. I saw a traffic policeman across the street. I asked for help. He punched me and started dragging me away, and allowed this two-wheeler to escape."

The woman has now filed two FIRs, including one against the traffic constable for sexual harassment and intimidation. Police say that a probe is on and Bangalore police commissioner Jyotiprakash Mirji said that action will be taken after the investigations.

For a city that's still coming to terms with the huge exodus of the north-east migrants, for a city police force that insists it will keep its migrant workers secure, the incident certainly has come as a shock. While higher officials may call themselves sensitive to issues on racism, this sensitivity has obviously not gone down to the ground-level officials in khaki.