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Apr 23, 2013 at 08:00pm IST

Bangalore blast: 3 arrested, involvement of sleeper cell suspected

Bangalore: Investigators have claimed a breakthrough in the Bangalore blast case and three people were arrested from Chennai earlier on Tuesday in connection with the case. Tirunelveli residents Peer Mohideen and Basheer were picked up from a lodge in Chennai. The third person is a resident of Madurai.

Police sources say that the trio is suspected to have provided the motorbike used in the blast. Strong leads have also emerged about another sleeper module in Tamil Nadu which could have provided the SIM cards to the bombers.

Bangalore Police Commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar said, "We are happy to say we have made a beginning in cracking the Malleswaram blast case. Cracking of case will instill a sense of fear among anti-national and anti-social elements. There are a number of players in this, country-wide. All governments agencies are cooperating to crack this case."

The Forensic Science Laboratory team in its report says that the blast was of high intensity. And contrary to initial reports suggesting that it could have been a pipe bomb, the explosive was placed in a tiffin-carrier. Taking a cue from this, the Bangalore Police has now sought more details from the FSL. For now, the interrogation of the three will help the investigators determine the sequence of events that led to the blasts outside the BJP office last week.