Jun 22, 2012 at 10:25pm IST

Bangalore bus accident: 'School too at fault'

Bangalore: Three-year-old Mohammed Faisal was to have a party on his third birthday on Friday. Instead, his funeral will now be held. The toddler was knocked down by his school bus after he was dropped in front of his house. In panic, the driver Bharat Singh, took the wounded child on the bus and drove nearly three kilometers before abandoning the bus and running away.

There were three other children in the bus, and they remained locked up until a passerby rescued them an hour later. By then, Faisal had succumbed to head wounds.

What is doubly tragic about this death is that it was completely avoidable.

First, the driver could have been extra careful while reversing the bus, and after hitting the child, he could have either informed the family or ensured proper medical care.

His inconsolable mother is livid. Fahima Bano says, "If he had only told us, perhaps we could have saved his life. What we want from the school now is... let them shut down... schools should realise... be it government or private school... it is their duty to get the child back home safe."

Police have now arrested Bharat Singh, the absconding driver, who had been working as both security guard and driver at the school for a year.

MA Saleem, Additional Commissioner (Traffic), says, "It would have been a case of negligence... but he abandoned the child... Now it's more serious... we're booking him under culpable homicide."

The school too has been found to have violated many permit laws and police say a case will be registered against it for negligence.