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Mar 25, 2008 at 02:44am IST

PILs demand old B'lore airport remain open

New Delhi: The problems surrounding Bangalore's new airport do not end for now many people are demanding that the old HAL airport be permitted to remain open as the city requires two airports.

"Definitely Bangalore city needs two airports because it is there in every place. Mumbai and Delhi already have gone for two airports," said lawyer G R Mohan, who filed a PIL against the closure of the HAL airport.

"Since bangalore is an IT city, definitely passenger traffic is on the increase," he said.

Mohan pointed out that when the agreement was signed, around 10 to 11 million people were coming in but now there are more than 11.5 million people and for handling such numbers, two airports are required.

"By the end of 2009, we expect the numbers to increase around 15 to 20 million passengers," Mohan said

He further explained that the non-closure of the HAL would not result in breaking a contract.

"Civil Aviation Policy, drafted in 1997, does not permit closure of any existing airport. It only says that no other green field airport should come around 150 km of air distance," stated Mohan.

"For any reason, if an airport is existing, traffic has to be distributed. That is what the policy says," he explained, adding that the contractual agreement was being abided by.

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