Apr 23, 2012 at 12:19pm IST

Bangalore goes green

BANGALORE: Namma Bengaluru shows the way and has sent a strong message today about environmental protection by hanging a one-km-long banner at the Cubbon Park. In an attempt to spread awareness on environmental issues and the perils of destroying nature, a unique campaign, the World Environment Campaign was launched in the city as a high profile buildup to the World Environment Day that will be celebrated on June 5 all over the world.
As part of the launch, City Police Commissioner, B G Jyoti Prakash Mirji signed on this huge and environment friendly cloth banner that has been hung in Cubbon Park.
This one-km-long banner will try to create environmental awareness, 45 days ahead of the World Environment Day. Similar banners will be hung over different parts of the country. Signatures of environment experts and artists from various fields will be displayed on this banner. “Environment and health go together. Air pollution, usage of plastic, water pollution and global warming have done enough damage to human lives. Protecting the environment should be the responsibility of all of us. Hence, we have planned this campaign. We request the public to join hands with us. Let us make this campaign a grand success. With this, we should all become environment lovers,” said Srikanth Rao, Director of Bayer’s Coffee.
The banners will contain all environment related information, pictures, slogans, pledges, and signatures of achievers. They will in fact take information to the public. The banners, creating awareness about environment, will be displayed in front of schools, colleges, private and public offices.
In the first week of June, all these banners will be joined together and form a huge 100-km-long banner on Nice Road. “This is the best way to create awareness about environment and draw global attention towards the campaign. We are trying to reach the public across the country at such times and also to convey the reasons and solutions for environmental pollution,” said JC Shankar Patil, Campaign President.
This huge campaign has chalked out various plans for the first week of June; planting 10 lakh plants across the country, take pledge on environmental awareness, try to create awareness among school children about environment issues like air pollution, usage of plastic, and water pollution.
After this campaign, this huge banner cloth  will be converted into beds, bed sheets and hand bags for and distributed free of cost to old age homes, Hostels, Hospitals and the other needy people.