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Jun 11, 2007 at 01:31pm IST

Bangalore man sets typing record

Bangalore: A Bangalore resident is attempting a Guinness record at typewriting with his hands crossed. Arun Kumar already holds the Limca record for typing up to 250 characters per minute this way.

The click-clack of typing seems normal enough. But take a second look and people get amazed with Arun trying out something he's famous for—typing with crossed hands. He says he can type up to 250 characters a minute this way and upto 600 characters a minute if he types the regular way. Arun Kumar holds Limca records for both these feats but for him these aren’t enough.

“I'll be applying to Guinness to have India number 1 in this kind of unique typing skill,” says the Limca record holder. Arun also plans to spread awareness about safety measures while typing and other computer related injuries.

“In the IT industry, they all type with one finger bending and searching keys which leads to eye strain, neck pain and back ache,” he adds.

If that wasn’t enough, Arun Kumar has been running a speed-typing institute in Bangalore for the past 10-years. Students, IT professionals and even some policemen have merited from his training.

“I've learnt a lot. My speed has increased tremendously,” said one of his students. “Work is not stressful anymore. I can finish work fast with my typing skills,” said another of his student Vinod Kumar who is an IT professional.

It's not exactly rocket science and yet so many of us try to manage with one-finger typing. Thanks to people like Arun Kumar, that people get inspired to learn the art of typing fast and safe.

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