Jul 30, 2012 at 01:32pm IST

Bangalore Metro Reach 3 delayed by 30 days?

Bangalore: Although the authorities of BMRCL have claimed that the Reach 3 of Metro will be operational by December, the onset of monsoon has indicated a delay. An urban infrastructure expert suggests that the project could be delayed by at least 30 days. However, apart from the scanty rains, the routine approval procedure too, could delay the project. A week after meetings on line construction over Malleswaram Railway Station concluded, BMRCL awaits permission from Commissioner of Rail Safety (CRS) to proceed with the work.

“Following the approval, the work over Malleswaram Railway Station will take another five or six months to be completed. We have given the final drawings for the viaduct above the railway line last week, and are awaiting the approval. Apart from this, the other concerns like the monsoons, have been pre-fabricated,” said N Sivasailam, MD, BMRCL.

The BMRCL officials said the delay in approval for the viaduct, by the Metro Rail Safety was a matter of concern. The viaduct spans 66m and the construction works will take place in the night. “Trains pass by in the morning and day. So we will have to complete the entire construction in the night,” Sivasailam added.

Bangalore Metro Reach 3 delayed by 30 days?

An urban infrastructure expert suggests that the project could be delayed by at least 30 days.

According to BMRCL, Reach 3, 3A and 3B will be operational by December this year. The main control station on this corridor will be at Peenya. The BMRCL seems optimistic that monsoon wouldn’t cause much harm. “We are prepared for the monsoon, as we have taken precautionary measures from the beginning. Measures to avoid water clogging and other concerns have been implemented. Apart from concreting, no other construction work on any of the stretches would be affected,” said Yashwanth Chavan, spokesperson, BMRCL.

However, M N Sreehari, advisor to Government on Infrastructure, Traffic and Transport says there could be an increase in the loss, as construction workers refuse to work in the rain. “Electrification of tracks, station construction and other related things could be affected due to monsoon. This might delay the work by 30 days, amounting to Rs 13-15 crore loss. On the hand, since the estimated total cost of the project is about Rs 13,000 crore, this might not be a massive amount,” Sreehari opined.