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Sep 10, 2012 at 08:35pm IST

Bangalore: 14-yr-old rape victim faces harassment

Bangalore: A minor rape victim's fight for justice in Bangalore is only getting more traumatic. While her father has been stabbed and beaten, she is facing death threats. Barely 14, the girl has had the burden of motherhood thrust upon her after she was raped in 2011.

Her alleged rapist bought her silence with threats, but in April, when she gave birth to a baby in an auto, her family realised what had happened.

However, the worse still was in store as when the accused, Syed Shakeel, was arrested, four people attacked the girl's father, who sustained multiple stab wounds.

"Ever since we objected to the girl marrying her rapist, there's prolonged enmity in the community. Now four people attacked me and tried to kill me. After I filed a case against the rapist, they've threatened that they'll kill me in public," said the victim's father.

The victim's family went to the High Court once before when she was thrown out of school, on the pretext that she could spoil the character of other children. This time, the family has gone to the High Court with an urgent petition for justice, especially because the stabbing happened despite police security being granted to them.

The family has now asked the Karnataka High Court for continuous police security. The lawyer said the family, which has been running a business for two decades, is now facing a social boycott in the community.

"Workers are not allowed to work at his shop. They're not allowed to enter the Masjid, no Prasad is given to them, people don't come to their home to read the Quran. They're completely ortracised," said their lawyer AD Ramananda.

The Bangalore police however, insist that the rape and stabbing are not connected.