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Feb 26, 2013 at 09:00am IST

Bangalore: Police let go 2 terror suspects as court calls it wrongful arrest

Bangalore: Six months after being branded terror suspects and accused of plotting an attack, two of the 11 arrested suspects, journalist Muthi-ur Rehman Siddiqui and Syed Yusuf Nalaband were released on a court order on Monday.

After six months of captivity, the Bangalore journalist Muthi-ur rehman Siddiqui and Nalaband finally walked free. Siddiqui said, "I thank god. My ordeal is over. I have been through so much." Meanwhile, Nalaband said, "I have been released after six months. I am grateful to Allah for this."

Arrested in September 2012, along with nine others, the Bangalore Police had then claimed they were plotting attacks targeting MPs, MLAs and journalists for anti-Islamic writing.

Human rights activists consider the release a victory in their long legal battle. Sheer confidence in there investigation back then, but fast forward to few months later and with the court finding no prosecutable evidence against them, the police seem to have been caught on the wrong foot.

Human rights campaigner Irshaad said, "We thank the NIA for bringing out the truth." Even as Siddiqui and Nalaband walk free, their lawyers haven't given up the fight yet and have appealed to the court to grant bail to the nine others arrested in 2012.