Sep 22, 2012 at 12:43pm IST

Bangalore: PU lecturers upset over merger plan

Bangalore: Terming the Dr Govandaiah’s report on the merger of schools with Pre University “unscientific”, the Karnataka State PU Education Officers’, Principals’, Lecturers’ and Non-Teaching Employees’ Federation have urged the State government not to accept the report.

Speaking at the conference on Friday, State President of the federation, Muni Raju, said, “The government is under the wrong impression that it will get financial assistance from the Union Government if schools are merged with PU. But it will deliver a deadly blow to PU education in the state. The PU lecturers will be demoted inspite of putting in more number of years in teaching higher classes. We will oppose the report tooth and nail,” he said.

Thimme Gowda Secretary of the federation said, “We had approached the Higher Education Minister C T Ravi in this regard, but it did not yield any results. PU lecturers are being used as the guinea pigs for every experiment that the government makes,” he noted. He added that if the government goes ahead with the merger, the PU lecturers will stage a statewide protest.

Bangalore: PU lecturers upset over merger plan

The lecturers termed the Dr Govandaiah's report on the merger of schools with Pre-University 'unscientific'.