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Sep 28, 2012 at 12:34pm IST

Bangalore: Boy drowns to death in water sump, family blames authorities

Bangalore: Eight-year-old Wajid Pasha was the darling of his family. He had gone out to play after school on Tuesday, but never returned home. His worried parents searched in vain, until on Wednesday morning, they found his body in a water sump at a construction site nearby.

The shattered family is now demanding answers. Irshad Ahmed, Wajid's grandfather slams the local administration for not conducting safety checks at construction sites.

In fact, just a Rs 20 plywood slab could have saved Wajid's life.

An enquiry report by the technical vigilance team of the Lokayukta's office has said that a majority of buildings under construction in Bangalore do not follow safety norms.

The police have now booked a case of negligence against the owner of the building.

However, acting after such accidents have occurred, is simply not enough.

The only answer perhaps would be better monitoring of construction sites. But all that the civic authorities have done so far is issue circulars in the hope they will be adhered to.