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Feb 27, 2013 at 12:55am IST

Bangalore wrongful arrest: Released journalist says police should have at least said sorry

Bangalore: Absolved of all terror charges after six months in jail, two of the 15 arrested for being part of a terror module were released on Monday after a court acquitted them of all charges. The case, however, raises sharp questions on the credibility of the Bangalore Police.

"Security forces look at Muslims in a particular way. We need to change this. This is true not just for us but for hundreds of other Muslims. Everything they see in Urdu is considered jihadi," said Muthi ur Rahman, a journalist, after his release.

In August 2012, Muthi and his four roommates were arrested from their home for terror links. They were among the 15 people arrested by the police, which claimed they were part of a terror module. "When they barged into our rooms, my roommate Ijaz started shivering. The policemen then slapped him twice," said Yusuf nalaband, a salesman.

The lawyer for the duo - Akmal Rizvi - strongly believes that the case against the others, who're still in jail, is also flimsy. "The cases are watered down. We are yet to get a copy of the chargesheet," said Rizvi, lawyer, Association for protection of civil rights.

Though the trial in the case is yet to begin, the entire episode has raised questions on the credibility of investigative agencies. "The least they could have done was to say it was a genuine mistake and admitted it," added Rizvi. "They didn't say sorry. In fact, they thought they did us a favour. They said we should be happy it was six months, it could have been six years," said Rahman.

Police officers, who were a part of the probe, had earlier said that they knew the case wasn't too strong as they had prevented an attack, and as such had no particular evidence of arrest. However, given the argument the big question that comes up is if the duo who have been released after six months will be able to lead a normal life after the charges imposed against them.