Apr 04, 2008 at 03:20am IST

Nirula's gears up to take on McDonald's

New Delhi: India's oldest western fast food giant Nirula’s is ready for a price battle with McDonald's. And adding to the price zing, Nirula’s will serve up a new menu as well.

In an attempt to take on McDonald’s might, Nirula’s is offering a wide array of comfort food for anything between Rs 19 and 35. McDonald’s happy price menu gets you a basic veggie burger for a flat Rs 20. Nirula’s has also priced its Indian platters at about Rs 30 to draw in consumers not big on burgers.

“We expect that Nirula's will win many more customers with these new products, and that our existing customers would be very pleased. Hopefully, we will see an increase in the frequency of visits,” Nirula’s Senior VP Marketing and Sales Sudipta Sen Gupta says.

After new burgers and pizzas, Nirula’s will soon add more flavour to its menu with a whole new range of ice-creams and shakes at cheaper price points. So your favourite Hot Chocolate Fudge may soon be a sweeter deal.

Nirula's, has till recently been focused only on the North with 57 outlets in Delhi, Punjab and UP. However with IHC coming in as a strategic investor, the chain will open 200 stores by 2010 across India, with Mumbai getting its first store in the next two months.

Till then no big worry for the big Mac.