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Mar 20, 2009 at 11:47pm IST

BBC mentions Jackson with IRA, Jacko upset

London: Pop legend Michael Jackson has reportedly demanded an apology from the BBC after two of its comedians compared him to the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

British funnymen Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis likened the singer to the organisation on BBC Radio 4s The Now Show" on March 13 saying, "(We) can't believe which 80s celebrities (we) want back less - Michael Jackson or the IRA?"

Jackson is now furious at the comment, contactmusic.com reports.

APPALLING SLUR: Jackson has apparently found the comment most upsetting as he gears up for his concerts.

"Michael was absolutely appalled. It was a disgusting slur. To compare him to cold-blooded murderers is not funny, it is highly offensive," said a source close to the singer.