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Nov 13, 2008 at 10:11am IST

BBC presenter sacked for making racial remark

London: BBC is back in a racist row and this time over the racist comments made by its radio presenter off-air.

Sam Mason, 40, who joined BBC Radio Bristol in September this year lost her job after she allegedly told a cab operator not to send a driver with a turban for her 14-year-old daughter as it would "freak her out".

The taxi worker however refused and provided a recording of the conversation to the media.

Sam allegedly told the cab operator "not to send an Asian driver to pick up her daughter. A guy with a turban on is going to freak her out".

"I know this sounds really racist, but I'm not being please. An English person would be great, a female would be better," she further added.

Sam was suspended and sacked 24 hours later after the operator passed a transcript of the conversation to The Sun newspaper. She was later informed by station officials on Saturday that she would no longer work for the BBC.

The transcript records how she ordered a taxi to take her 14-year-old from her Clifton house to her grandparents' home.

"Although Sam Mason's remarks were not made on-air, her comments were completely unacceptable and, for that reason, she has been informed that she will no longer be working for the BBC with immediate effect,” a BBC spokesperson said.

(With inputs from PTI)

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