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Mar 11, 2008 at 06:03pm IST

BBC releases ad to remove condom shyness

New Delhi: Real men use condoms. That’s the message BBC's latest campaign aims to impart. But how comfortable are we talking about the ‘C’ word in this day and age?

As part of its ‘Jo Bole Wohi Sikandar’ campaign, BBC has released an advertisement in five different languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telgu, Kanada and Marathi. The message is simple: real men use condoms.

"Aim of the campaign to get real men to talk about condoms and remove the negativity attached of the word itself," Creative Director, BBC World Service Trust, Radharani Mitra says.

Condom use is till date the most effective preventive measure for sexually transmitted diseases. It's a message that needs to be reinforced.

According to the latest estimates by the National AIDS Control Organization, around 2.5 million people in India are estimated to be living with HIV.

Andhra Pradesh tops the list with 1.06 per cent of its population infected with HIV. It is followed by Maharashtra at 0.75 per cent and Karnataka at 0.81 per cent.

And yet, despite all the statistics, as a society we are still queasy talking about sex.

BBC’s campaign aims to remove the stigma attached to the word condom itself. There is a need for this message to reach each and every one of us. Use condoms and have safe sex.